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AWLGRIP Awlwash 2.0 73235 1 Gallon

€75.00 vat excl.
Formulated specifically for Awlgrip, Awlwash is a wash down concentrate formulated to safely clean all Awlgrip topcoats. 100% biodegradable, Free rinsing formula leading to faster drying. 1 Gallon
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Awlwash® and Awlcare® have been specifically developed to ensure that Awlgrip topcoats last for

years. Using these dedicated ‘fit for purpose’ products will help to eliminate the premature dulling of

the coating that the use of unsuitable, harsh cleaners can cause. Using Awlwash and Awlcare together

will provide the safest and most effective protection for your boat’s Awlgrip topcoat.

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