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ECOWORKS ECOVARNISH Wood Cleaner and Wax 500ml

Manufacturer: Ecoworks
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Ready to use natural product for all varnished surfaces with anti static properties. Environmentally safe and fully biodegradable. PH Neutral and chemical free, no animal testing. With a delicate fresh fragrance, it's safe for the ocean.
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ECOWORKS MARINE are championing the sustainable revolution in marine cleaning. Founded in 2015, this U.K. brand has a rapid growing number of yachts around the world choosing to use its range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The brand offers effective cleaning solutions for interior yacht cleaning, exterior yacht cleaning and engine rooms - a compact range of 14 cleaning products. From all-surface cleaner to laundry liquid, from teak cleaner to engine cleaner.

ecoworks ceaning products

The current Ecoworks Marine range:

⚬ All Surface Cleaner 
⚬ Laundry Liquid
⚬ Natural Sanitiser 
⚬ Washing-up Liquid 
⚬ Glass Cleaner 
⚬ Washroom & toilet cleaner
⚬ Varnished wood cleaner & wax 
⚬ Fabric cleaner 
⚬ Teak deck cleaner 
⚬ Degreaser
⚬ Rib Cleaner 
⚬ Bilge Cleaner
⚬ Yacht wash 
⚬ F.O.G, (Fat, Oil & Grease) drain cleaner & grey water additive
⚬ Foam Hand Sanitiser


Ecoworks Marine has formed strong partnerships and alliances with the key drivers of sustainability in the boating world. For example, they’ve partnered with Dee Caffari's Turn The Tide On Plastic in the 2017/2018 Volvo Ocean race, they continue to support the 52 Super Series as a sustainability partner providing each team with products, they’ve been chosen as the preferred supplier for the Green Blue initiative by the RYA and the British Marine foundation, and many more.


Ecoworks Marine is a small family business, based in the U.K., run by Scott and his sons Angus and Fraser.

Over fifteen years ago Scott was introduced to two doctors of biochemistry who were, and still are at the forefront of naturally sourced technology. Together they set about fixing problems in commercial cleaning in a more natural way. Ecoworks first started serving land-based markets - and what many don’t know, they still do. In fact, they even supply councils in the U.K. with cleaning products.

In 2015, Angus joined the business. After spending just shy of a decade in the marine industry, it hadn’t gone unnoticed how many toxic cleaning chemicals were being used and how little alternatives there still were in the marine industry. With a love for the ocean and the environment Angus saw an opportunity to change this and the brand pivoted to serve the marine community.

“We wanted to replace many of the commonly used products within the commercial and leisure sectors of the marine industry so we set about producing clean products for the environment and for us the crews”

Angus, together with his brother Fraser over see the sales and marketing. Angus also still manages to get out on the water and sails on some lovely yachts, that are also customers - and if you follow the brand on Social Media, you can follow his adventures.


ecoworks cleaning products

It is no longer necessary to use hazardous products that can be detrimental to the aquatic environment in order to keep boats looking good.

We often get asked if the products are as effective as their toxic competitors, and we can proudly and confidently say they are. But don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews here.

Gone are the days when ‘green’ meant poor cleaning standards. Our products are used successfully on yachts, boatyards and marinas around the world.

Here’s why they’re sustainable:

Raw materials come from renewable and sustainable sources
Our products are formulated for the lowest possible toxicity and the fastest biodegradability
Nothing harmful is left behind
None of our raw materials or products have been tested on animals.

All Ecoworks Marine products are manufactured to comply with EU (EC) REACH regulation and produced under ISO 14001:2015 standards offering full traceability.

All Ecoworks Marine products are compliant and surpass the MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 criteria and are declared not harmful to the marine or river environment.

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