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Emergency Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot: making your summer 2024 unforgettable

Emergency Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot: making your summer 2024 unforgettable

Emergency Assistance

It will be a wonderful summer, but if you need technical support, we can help you anytime, anywhere!

Summer has finally arrived, and the Mediterranean is filled with yachts and megayachts cruising its crystal-clear waters.

However, even during the holidays, technical issues may arise while sailing that require immediate intervention.

That’s why Nautica Depot is ready to ensure your sailing experience is perfect and safe.

We offer comprehensive and professional technical support and assistance for all types of vessels.

Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot

Nautica Depot specializes in maintenance, refitting, and comprehensive assistance in the yachting world.

We are ready to intervene for any technical needs, whether for luxury yachts or megayachts, operating primarily in the seas of Sardinia.

Our operational bases in Olbia, Costa Smeralda, and Cagliari allow us to respond quickly and effectively to assistance requests, providing all-around technical support.

Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot


  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance: we perform a wide range of maintenance interventions to ensure your vessel is always in optimal condition.

  • Refitting and repairs: we offer complete refitting services and repairs to improve and maintain your yacht's performance.

  • 24/7 Technical assistance: we are available at any time for emergency interventions and immediate technical support.

  • Supply of mautical spare parts and accessories: we have a wide range of spare parts and accessories to meet any technical need.

  • Technical support for onboard electronics: we provide assistance and consultancy for all onboard electronic systems.

  • Consultancy and support for onboard safety: we provide support to ensure that all safety devices are in perfect condition.

  • Bunkering services: we offer comprehensive bunkering services to ensure your vessel is fully fueled and ready for any journey.

  • Waste and sanitary systems maintenance: we handle the maintenance and repair of toilets, wastewater systems, and all other plumbing and sanitary systems onboard.

  • Appliance checks: we ensure that all onboard appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioning systems, freezers, and more, are functioning correctly to maintain comfort and convenience during your stay.

    Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot

Our team is ready to ensure the efficiency of all services and systems that contribute to onboard comfort, guaranteeing a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Possible Issues and Solutions While Sailing

If technical issues arise while sailing that require intervention, here’s how the Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot can help you resolve them:

Engine and Fuel System: Issues with the engine or fuel system, such as oil leaks or cooling system failures, can arise suddenly. Nautica Depot can promptly intervene to carry out repairs and replace components, ensuring the engine always operates at its best.

Electrical Systems: Battery failures, blown fuses, or loose connections are common problems that can occur. Our team of specialized technicians can perform thorough inspections and repairs, ensuring all electrical components are in optimal condition.

Hull and Structure: Damage to the hull, such as scratches or rust, can compromise the safety of your vessel. Nautica Depot offers hull inspection and repair services, including anti-fouling treatments and sacrificial anode replacement.

Rigging and Sails: Sails and rigging are subject to wear and damage from adverse weather conditions. Nautica Depot provides repair and maintenance services for sails and rigging to ensure your vessel is always ready to sail.

Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot

Maintenance checklist to prevent issues

To ensure your vessel is always ready to sail, we regularly perform a series of maintenance checks.
Here’s a guide to the checks that need to be done or that we can handle for you.

Daily Checks

  1. Flotation devices: ensure they are onboard and in good condition.
  2. First aid kit: verify that it is present and adequately stocked.
  3. Flares: check that they are onboard and in good condition.
  4. Transmission fluid level: check and top up if necessary.
  5. Belt tension: ensure they are neither too loose nor too tight.
  6. Engine oil level: check and top up if necessary.
  7. Coolant and antifreeze levels: ensure they are adequate and top up if necessary.
  8. Pulley alignment: check that they are correctly aligned.
  9. Engine inspection: verify that there are no visible issues.
  10. Water pump and alternator belts: check the tension and integrity.

Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot

More In-Depth Checks

Every month, it is essential to carry out more in-depth checks to identify and resolve potential issues.

Nautica Depot can help you with the maintenance of electrical cables, ensuring they are intact, safe, and well secured. Battery conditions must be checked to ensure they are in good condition, clean, and dry.

Additionally, we inspect fuses, change the engine oil and filter, and clean and check the raw water filter, impeller, and pump.

Cleaning and flushing the siphon and checking the sails for damage and mold are equally crucial.

Comprehensive checks and interventions

If, despite the annual checks, something goes wrong during the trip, you can rely on our assistance.

Nautica Depot offers fuel system bleeding services, replacement of primary and secondary fuel filters, and inspection of the diesel tank for damage or contamination.

We visually inspect the propeller and shaft, keel, hull, and rudder for any damage or deterioration.

We test fire alarms and other alarms to ensure they are operational and have fire extinguishers officially inspected.

We also verify the conditions of lifelines and rails, perform repairs to the deck and hull, and thoroughly clean the sails.

Even though summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sea, it is essential to be prepared for any eventuality.

With Nautica Depot by your side, you can sail serenely, knowing you have top-notch technical support always available.

Owners, captains, technicians, and crew members can rely on our experience and professionalism to ensure every journey is safe and enjoyable.

Do not hesitate to contact us at +39 0789 1703003 for any technical needs.

The Technical Assistance by Nautica Depot is here to make your summer unforgettable and smooth.

Happy sailing!

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