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Participation of Nautica Depot at the Third Fiera Nautica di Sardegna

Participation of Nautica Depot at the Third Fiera Nautica di Sardegna

Nautica Depot booth at Porto Rotondo Marina

Nautica Depot at the third Fiera Nautica di Sardegna was pleased to once again participate in the event, held from May 1st to 5th, 2024, in Porto Rotondo Marina.

With approximately 180 boats and 156 exhibitors, the event recorded excellent public attendance, confirming its role as a benchmark for the nautical sector in Sardinia and the central Mediterranean.

Our teams, Na Depot and Na Tech, welcomed visitors to our exhibition stand, number 22.

Nautica Depot at the Third Fiera Nautica di Sardegna

Over the five days of the boat show, they showcased our yacht assistance services and the wide range of nautical products that we market and deliver worldwide.

Nautica Depot's mission is to provide comprehensive support to yachtsmen and yacht owners by offering innovative and high-quality technical solutions that meet their needs.

Fiera Nautica di Sardegna 2024: Results and Prospects

The 2024 edition of the Fiera Nautica di Sardegna, which is also scheduled for 2025, vigorously promoted the nautical sector in the Sardinia region.

Nautica Depot at the third Fera Nautica du Sardegna

The latest innovations in terms of boats, yachts, and accessories were highlighted, along with the rich array of nautical services available on the island.

The event also fostered meetings and networking among industry operators, creating new business opportunities.

During the discussions and talks at the fair, the importance of sustainability in the nautical sector was emphasized, with innovative and eco-friendly solutions being proposed.

Nautica Depot at the Third Fiera Nautica di Sardegna

Data reveal significant growth in the nautical sector in Sardinia, representing a valuable economic development opportunity for a region abundant in natural beauty and ideally situated for sea enthusiasts.

Further investments are essential to enhance infrastructure and promote staff training.

Nautica Depot at the third Fiera Nautica di Sardegna 
achieves great success

Na Depot is delighted to have contributed to the success of this extraordinary event and is eagerly looking forward to future editions to continue offering support to the local and international nautical sector.

Our participation was yet another valuable opportunity to connect with our clients and promote our company.

We thank everyone who visited our stand.

For more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to  contact us  or visit our website.

We are always available to assist you and meet your nautical needs.

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