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Sails & Rigging

Nautica Depot offers in-depth inspections for boat equipment in our service area.

We examine all ropes and cables used for navigation.

We visually inspect all places where the rigging is fixed.

We check the pins and wheels, the spreaders, the winding system.
We also inspect the electrical wiring for any damage.
We also inspect and clean all boat hardware, such as lights, pulleys, tracks, cleats, and winches.
If the mast is being stored we can clean all the rigging ends, pins and sheaves.

We provide a detailed report of our findings and suggest any additional parts or work that may be required.

At Nautica Depot, we also provide a consulting service to assist you in solving problems and selecting the appropriate rigging components, such as winches, furling systems, or even a new mast.

Contact us to request our advice and assistance!